kiel adrian scott


Boasting complimentary gifts has afforded Christian and his twin brother, award-winning writer-director Kiel Adrian Scott, to work on numerous projects together. With the exception of Live at Newport, Kiel has photographed and designed all of Christian’s album art. Christian has also scored all of Kiel’s film projects, which have won several major film festivals, aired on HBO, PBS, CineMAX, BET,  Shorts TV, Creative Control and Centric, and was featured at the Cannes Film Festival in its Court Métrage. Of Kiel’s film, The Roe Effect, Academy Award-winning director Jonathan Demme remarked “…exquisitely made, fantastic in every single aspect, the themes are profound, Kiel is an incredibly exciting new American filmmaker. Bravo!”

Kiel returned to the director's chair with Samaria, an award winning short film adaptation of his upcoming feature, Epilogue.

The Scott brothers’ next collaboration will be Kiel’s feature length directorial debut, Epilogue.